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koup tv commercials

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i must not have been watching tv at all for the last 9 months or so-
but i can not think of a single forte/koup commercial ....(only reason i even found the koup was from looking at the kia web site as a joke looking for info on the those soul commercials- i saw every five mins)

so i present to you---
commercials i have missed but found :) i think i kept pretty tight to the koup commercials- but a few sedans/others might be poking up

supposedly the 1st video-but seriously lacking ...

appears to be 2nd (and better IMO) version

half rocket scientist/half super model!!!

thats my forte (i like the 'thats my fan club bit)

errr.....female verison of the above i guess?

apparently the koup is starring in its own action movie....

i guess i should stick my head in movie theaters more often-
kia commerical meant for the movie theater

kia- girl


hybrid anyone?

the artists at work one?

one for my canadian friends (even though the commercial was made in brevard county here in florida) eh- and i thought it was canadian at first....

dealer made commercial- where "luther" talks a lot- probably trying to distract your eye from the fact that the man is caressing/molesting that poor car......

oh better start screening the ads a lil better-
anyhow- a hybrid commercial- featuring nekkid asian boy sitting in a bunch of that green stuff you dip into melted cheese.....

kia- with jason bourne music and "is it more powerful than ours" - shortly followed by german guy really pissed off...oh yeah- can't forget- the hottie saying "they have developed a great package" :)

well- hope you all enjoy watching (or cringing) as i have while watching these videos......
someone needs to get kias ad folks a lil more "tight"- after all- some of these commercials- they call to you- others- you wanna get in your car and go the other way :)
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i guess i should stick my head in movie theaters more often-
kia commerical meant for the movie theater

This one was on TV A LOT. I saw it numerous times.
i dont get why kia hasnt made more of a koup impression here in the tampa area.......
there are plenty of ricers in the tampa area- heck- after all- we scored in the top 5 of the nation for quite some years running for thefts of honda and other ricer types.......
but its actually kinda cool that kia hasnt pushed the koup here-
i am only paying 20 dollars a month more in insurance for this decked out koup compaired to my 95 pont grand am GT
(and should kia decide to push the koup here- at least ive got locking wheel lugs - thanks bill :)
things noticed about the "green" forte-
cool fog light set up
tail lights are the UFO's from one of the links that have been floating around here......
(and i've never understood the asian thing for putting chrome trim everywhere-even when i liven in okinawa back in the mid to late 80' hadda have chrome)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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