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Koup vs freeway wall

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So around 550 am I was driving to work on the 105 east bound. Here in California it was raining my koup found the only puddle in that freewY and i lost control hit the wall twice with the front end hit the back bumper once. The cat actually held up really good. Now I miss my koup and it's only been gone for 12 hours. Got a dodge challenger as a rental but to tell you guys the true I want my koup. :(
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Ouch! even with out pictures I can see this looking bad...
Sorry to hear this happened, Hope they fix back up better then new soon
Ok Now I've seen the pictures.. and I was right looks bad But :) atleast its very fixable..
just front& rear bumper.. OOh and maybe front bumper brakets.. since I think those are plastic..
Thats good news really.. I was first thinking it was going to be worse
Radiator gone gene pushed in pics make it look nice fenders pushed into the doors and trunk stuck can't open at all
Ooh thats bad news.. I forgot about the Radiator :( and the trunk/fender issues
dam that means its going take a little longer to fix.. Sorry man that sucks

On a bright note how is the challenger? I mean I know its not your koup but yeah.. kind of a fun car?
Fun car everyone turns there heads to look but I liked the look they gave me when they saw my koup and had the confused look on there face lol. But yea the challenger it's nice but it's a six cylinder and there is not power but besides that nice car. Next week thinking of going to change the challenger and getting the CTS V Cadillac they have there
cts v... i hate you ;)
Was your stability control on? because that thing does wonders.
Was your stability control on? because that thing does wonders.
I dont think there is any stability control that is going to save you from losing control on water/ice/snow/sand ect...
Your right,it's not bulletproof,but it sure helps.
It helped get my traction back after I finished hitting the wall. But it usually helps to keep the car going in the right direction. But the worse part I am usually doing 85 or 90 mph on that freeway today I was doing 50 because of the rain.
Ahhhhhh.... dude that sucks,:( you think it will be repaired in time for the meet
Hopefully I have it back if not I am going with the rental car whatever I am driving at the time
Should they change the tires? I mean, honestly, no reason to lose control. Defective tires could do it though...
Well I have hankook tires usually have very good grip on the road but it was just all the water on the freeway.
I did this in my older s10 xtreme..i was in the slow lane doing 55 and the truck hydro planed..did a 180 and slid across the passing lane and into the wall..deff a scary thing and sucks really bad..sorry about your car man but at least your alright
Oh no :( Poor Koup!!
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