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Lambo doors?

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Hello all. Was wondering if anyone out there has been able to find any lambo doors, or kit I should say, for the Koup? Thanks.
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That's too bad.... :( Thanks for the reply.
no links? to buy that...
no links? to buy that...

nopw-i emailed back and forth w/the guy in singapore that has the lambo door kia-- he had the work done as a one up at a custom shop
oh yeah- silly me-
might as well show picture of the koup w/lambo doors for the new comers :) its the 3rd lime green one in on the left

(ok- so i thought i had a picture of it saved- but i can't find it- but i know its in that picture---somewhere)


See less See more get the universal kit
Anyone tried that universal kit? I had seen it, but wasn't sure if I should risk them not being as good a fit as if it were specifically for this vehicle. Thanks for all the input by the way.
hey!!! thats the kind of lambo i pissed on!!! lol the universal kit just doesnt come with the plug set. you have to take it some where so they can extend the wires from the car to the door and they shave a little off the door to make it sit right. my friend had it done. he paid $800 for the kit, and another $500 for the install.
and if you really want to make it look good, shave the door handles off and add door poppers!
and if you really want to make it look good, shave the door handles off and add door poppers!
now THAT is what I have been wanting to do, forever. lol
That does sound nice. So many things I would like, but so little money to do them with. Just have to do them one at a time. :)
SO if anyone is really interested in this I have some great news.. I need someone near corrona, CA who wants to be a prototype for vertical doors inc.. They are willing to drop the cost by $500 for the prototype car.. Normal cost is $1500 installed, so you'd be paying $1000 and would need to leave the car for about ten days... If anyone is SERIOUSLY interested please contact me ASAP as I have the contact info and they have an immediate availability..
That'd be great! :( Too bad it's so far....
Same here.. i live in PA or else i'd do it..
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