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my forte koup EX
so far ive ive done:
1) CAI
2) Front strut bar
3) Eibach lowering springs
4) Audi headlight mod
5) sharkfin antenna
6) Hid converter kit
7) painted her wheels
8) painted her break calipers
9) CF door handle covers
10) Shark Racing lip spoiler
11) Fog lights installed
AND 12) magnaflow performance muffler which i love!

i just finished lowering the car and i will say the first spring is the hardest. took me 2 hrs for the first wheel and then about 45 min for the rest. will be re-aligning the car tomorrow morningi really want a lip kit put on it but im not spending 2 grand on the SX-R one. how long do yall think it takes companies to make these things for new cars? just curious of coarse. im also curious on ppls ideas on wheels i could get... i really really want the sx wheels but aftermarket wheels are cheaper for a package. :)


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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