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LED drl fog lamp covers

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According to Shark Racing,these will be available very very soon on their site,in fiberglass or carbon fiber.
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That looks cool. Was thinking of cutting up my EX covers to do that but if this is coming out soon I'll just go this route.
I will change my fogs for these,much nicer.
I sent an english email since the email link was in english, hopefully one out of the three recipients knows english.
Does anyone know where to get the front lip spoiler that is in those pictures?
Im korean. I can read
angelsby, can you tell us how much those fog lamps cost?
Shark racing told me they would be about the same price as the ones for the Genesis Coupe,wich are made by the same people.
Shark Racing
that site dont have cost.
I will find out for DRL Fog cover
I been looking for these and those people at superrichmotor does not respond thru email or phone call!!!! i cant wait for these.
No,the ones we are taliking about here,have an entire fog light cover with a 9 LED unit intergraded in them.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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