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Quick question?
Are all LED lights pretty much the same brightness?
On ebay I can get a 9 inch strip of LED lights for around 1.50
On StreetGlow I can get 2 12in strips for around $32

Is there a big difference?
Please let me know as I am going to do the footwell mod?
In addition if I hook these up can i turn them off with a music interface or will they always be on?

Thanks all!

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Not all are the same brightness.

You don't wanna get too bright for footwells(other wise they will distract you while driving)

If you hook it up to a music interface box, you can turn them on- off- music mode

When you get the music interface box, hook it up via a fuse tap, that way it will come on and off with the car.

as for running wires, just get a softer plastic tool, and start pushing the wire along the sides of the plastic panels (the little seams).

there is a little indentation on the top of the ipod bay that's perfect for a 4" strip

There is a little lip on top of the footwells where you can mount the led strips
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