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LEDGLOW’s interior light kit

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Has anyone used LEDGLOW’s interior light kits? If so how is the quality? $29.99 on eBay doesn't seem bad at all for a 4 piece kit.

I was thinking of having the dealer install one official interior light kit @$150 so this is a considerable savings.

Thoughts or comments?
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I've used there there products many times and definitely worth the price and easy to install... They are quality and durable and quick shipping... I'd recommend them to anyone...Although I would go with the remote interior kit instead as the control on the other one is a lil gaudy and makes it look like poop wherever you have to mount it... I myself am getting the remote interior and exterior 3 million color led's so that no matter what mood your in you can have the right color to cheer you up lol!!! If you need any help on install let me know as I can guide you through it... Or we could even do the install in April at the meet if you can be patient, but I know I couldn't be patient if I were you.... Here's some shots of the interior and the underbody lighting... Different camera sorry bout the blur... The underbody lights are the true color and were the same as the interior color...


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Excellent and thanks for the suggestion and I my take
you up on the install help / questions.
No prob!!! More than happy to help!!! Let's just say it's gonna take a couple hours for the install but it will be time well worth it... Probably be just around 2 hours... I already helped out rossfrost22 with his and his were a different brand and type but turned out awesome!!! Hopefully he'll post a couple pics soon....
Where did you get the full kit OrangeCrush?
Ok, I want the interior lights and the underbody lights synchronized. Is there a kit for that? And Crush said something about remote control, that would be awesome!
the interior can plug into the exterior junction box and will be insynced. if you get the million color multi pattern one, it comes with a remote. costs about $120?? around dont remember, i got it awhile ago but havent installed it yet. looks like a pain in the ass to install so i think im having a pro do mine
Found the full kit all in one:)

6pc Million Color LEDGlow Wireless LED Underbody Neon Lighting Kit with Interior LED Kit

Yeah, my dad is one of those guys that can build a house, rebuild a motor, electrical, and he works on aircraft at work. He has helped me do mostly everything I've done so far. It's just all the electrical stuff that gets me.
its easy to hook up, its drilling the holes and trying to figure out where to mount everything and then getting it thru the firewall thats a pain in the ass
I can help you with the right places to go as I have installed the full interior and underbody kit on my koup.. There are key specific spots to run the wiring where it will have no problems and as for the underbody part it is a pain in the ass as far as mounting is concerned, unless you work for a place that has a lift and power tools lol.. the interior is a little involved as you will want to remove the center console..
my problem is where to mount the front stick. my car is lowered so if i go anylower then the car ill destroy it. you have pics of where you mounted yours? the back also, you did it under the defuser?
I ordered that kit! Cant wait to see it on my car.
I'll get some pics today or tomorrow if possible
i just want the interior kit for now..wheres a good place to get it? or ebay? and u said easy install ya?
I recently bought the LedGlow interior kit. Is there a location in the cabin fuse box where I can use the "add a circuit" to keep the kit with power all the time? It must replace a 10 amp fuse or less.
I recently bought the LedGlow interior kit. Is there a location in the cabin fuse box where I can use the "add a circuit" to keep the kit with power all the time? It must replace a 10 amp fuse or less.
Did you get these installed yet? Where did you use the "add a circuit"? I just got my kit and will probably install mine by the weekend.
Best and easiest thing to do is run your own + and - wire to tie into the kit inside somewhere safe and power them that way so you can manually control when you want them on and when you don't. They send the kits with an inline fuse built in so you don't have to worry about frying anything. I really need to take a day off to show you guys how I ran mine..
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