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License Plate Bracket Part#

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I just bought a Forte Sedan a few weeks ago and I'm guessing it came from out of state as it does not have the front plate bracket. The dealer is telling me there is no such thing and that the plate bolt directly to the bumper. I find this really hard to believe. I'd like to keep the metal plate off of the bumper to save the paint.

Can anyone provide me with the part # or even a picture of their front plate bracket?

I'm planning on mounting mine similar to the SXR Forte but like I said the dealer is swearing it doesn't exist.
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Dont have part number, but im sure every single car on your dealerships lot cant possibly have the plates directly bolted to painted bumper (unless im wrong).

Pictures are all over the internet, feel free to seal one from my album.

Not sure where your located in Canada but i'd try another dealer.
I have an extra one, i'll look for it maybe it will have the number on it
Here ya go Buddy, i think the number on the back of the frame is the part number, just take the pictures to the Dealership they should find it for you.

PS: this is for the koup
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If you bought the car new and the front plate mount is not on the car OR in the glove box the dealer owes you a mount!!! All three of my Fortes had them in the glove box...and my buddy's Forte has one in its' glove box too!

FYI: The two holes in the front fascia/bumper ARE NOT BOLT HOLES -- do not drill them out or use them for mounting a plate. The two holes are pilot holes -- pins in the back of the plate-mount go in the pilot holes in the fascia/bumper to properly align the mount on the fascia/bumper!!!!!

You can see the two pins on the back of the plate-mount in the center picture in post #5 above!
Thank you all VERY MUCH. I knew there had to be one but they kept swearing there wasn't one. They will def be supplying it to me and now that I have this info it makes it that much easier. They tried to pawn off some half ass universal one on me.
LOL, I was wondering wtf the plastic black thing was for...
Yea they owe you....Mine was already installed from the dealer, and I also had a extra one in the glove box....If I hadn't thrown it in the trash I would have sent it to you.
This will not mount your plate similar to Koup SXR's. The mount he has is a custom job that he did. I have also done the same on my car. I bought the mount from him and cut and trimmed it the way I wanted it. The mount that everyone pointed you to is the factory mount to put the plate on the bumper. If you use this you will end up with 5 holes in your front bumper. If you have any questions just ask. I can see if I can help out.
I'll make it work. I refuse to drill holes in the bumper cover.
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