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like the car

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i got this car,2010 sx inracing red,this past saturday. unplanned purchase,as usual,ha. traded 08 bmw 128i sport. no,not crazy, had a stroke in june and could not drive the bmw with 6 speed mt.i knew nothing about kias. salesman heard my story when i was in for service and asked me to crunch some numbers while waiting. wound up trading and iam pleasantly surprised. great car and a deal i did not think was possible. a lot of car for the money.:)
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Congrats on the new ride and welcome. I just got my EX Koup this past Saturday as well. Mine is Titanium. It really is a great car for the money.
Welcome to the forum! I am glad to hear that someone can come from a BMW and still be satisfied with a Forte.
lol i went from a bmw 325i to a koup sx. the bmw was a nice car, just a tune up for it cost about 1/4 of what the total cost of my kia was! lol
^^ lmaooo! That's too funny man. My mother has a 535i... but she's got the moneehh to burn on service... ahaahaa.
Everyone and their mother has a bmw... oops... scratch that... USED to have a bmw. :)

But congrats on the new ride!!! You have wonderful taste :)
thanks,everyone. last saturday,i had the bmw in on a recall. while there,another person was charged $174 for their annual oil change. bmw makes a great product,but very expensive to maintain and they have a lot of wierd rules. my dealer is an auto mall that sells bmw,kia,ford, and gm. great,helpful sales staff.
Congrats on the new car!

Love BMWs myself, but a 1-series was the only thing even close to my budget, and I frankly consider them a little awkward-looking.

People have been very impressed with my new blue Koup SX. Don't be surprised if you find the same.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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