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Line out converter/rear speaker help

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I have read through the forum and have not found any kind of detailed info other than "the rears are fine" or some sort of comment about how easy it is to tap into the rear speakers.

I have ran the power for my amp and have the kicker wire good to go. I am just trying to find the easiest way to get my line out converter all wired up. It has a left and right channel input so I will probably be doing the same on both the left and right side to tie into the speakers.

My question would be how did you/would you tie into the rear speakers (in the door). Do you pull the whole grommet out that all the wiring is going through? and remove the door panel and the column on the interior or did you tie in somehow under... say a door panel and find the pairs there?

I would do it straight off the unit and tap into them but I don't have any tool that makes me comfortable tearing off the vents.

Any ideas?
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IMO, that if your not comfortable doing it, or removing panels and such, i would pay someone who know what they are doing to do it. wost shops wont charge you very much do hook up a line out converter to the rear speakers.
I am comfortable doing it, have the interior column/foot boards off right now, about to pull off the door to find the speaker wires now. If i knew what color the rear left and right speakers were I won't even have to pull off the doors.
Problem solved. I pulled off the column and checked the color in the rear doors.

My solution is simple. I found that both rear doors had blue/red colored wires going to the speaker. I then found a blue/red pair in the wire cluster coming from the door through the column (where the seat belt is). I pulled off some of the electrical tape on all the wires and then I used a vampire tap (clamp... whatever its called) to tap into the red and blue twisted pairs. I will use that on each side to get my left/right for my line out converter and biggity bam problem solved.

It may not be the best solution, but for me it was the simplest way to get a good clean install without pulling off the whole dash.
Sorry read your post too late but thats exactly how I tapped into my rear speakers
How about some pics and a DIY post for the rest of us;)
How about some pics and a DIY post for the rest of us;)
I have already put it back together, but its pretty simple with a few steps.

1. Remove the kick plates from the front and back door on both sides. They pry/pull off. They are held in by some snaps (i believe three clips with metal attachments and then 5 smaller plastic clips). The rear kick plate area, I didn't actually remove the whole thing, just made sure the column would clear it when removed.

2. Once the kick plates are removed you can then take out the inside column cover. It has i believe 3 "clips" that are held in place behind the weather stripping on both sides of the column and then 2 snaps that attach to the car frame itself. No screws are needed.

3. Once that is removed you can see there is a cluster of wires that come out of the column that go into the door. It is about half way up between the bottom of the seat and the headrest. Pull back a few inches of the electrical tape that is covering the cluster of wires.

4. Step three should have exposed all the wires you will need. Look for a red/blue pair of wires that are twisted together. Separate them enough to attach a tap into each wire. I used these and had no problem. They were a little snug getting them in between the twisted pair but they are small and worked great. Get some spade connectors to connect to them.

5. After that just run whatever style wire you want all the way to your LOC and your good to go. I also re taped up the area and made sure the wires wouldn't move around much as I reassembled everything.

To get everything back on it just snaps in place. The hardest part for me was getting the column back on. You have to bend the weather stripping back over the columns plastic pieces that hold it in place. Everything else just snaps back together.
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