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A salesman made me a Copy of the Dealer Guide that the sales associates have in the 3 ring binders because they were out of brochures. I found a few interesting things, one being
Wheel Inserts that are listed under the section of the guide titled "10 Forte" on Page 5. Here is the entire list of Accessories listed in the guide.



Alloy Fuel Door* (2-Door)
Body Kit (4Door & SX)
License Plate Frame
Performance Shifter*
Rear Spoiler*
Shift Knob*
Sport Pedals
Valve Stem Caps
Wheel Inserts* (2-Door)

All Weather Floor Mats (PIO)
Ash Cup
Auto Dimming Mirror w/Compass (PIO)
Auto Dimming Mirror w/Compass and Homelink* (PIO)
Cargo Net (PIO)
Cargo Tray
Carpeted Floor Mats (PIO)
Carpeted Floor Mats SX (PIO)
Center Console Armrest (PIO)
Interior Lighting* (PIO)
Kia Accessory Cable for iPod* Mobile Digital Device 1.2
Remote Start* (PIO)
Sport Visors
Stainless Steel Keychain
Sunroof Deflector (PIO)
Universal Electronics Holder

First Aid Kit
Hood Mask (Hood Upper Only)
Splash Guards (4-Door)
Touch Up Paint Pen
Wheel Locks
Windshield Sun Screen
Hood Deflector
Door Scuff Plate - Illuminated* (4-Door)
All Weather Floor Mats (4-Door)
Cargo Mat (4-Door)
Splash Guards (2-Door)

* Represents Late Availability
1 Represents iPod being a Registered Trademark of Apple Inc.
2 Is a Disclaimer that the KIA iPod cable should be used, as the PC Cable provided by Apple May Cause Malfunctions when used with KIA Vehicles.

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I wonder what body kit they have in mind? And if it has anything to do with the SX-R? And I'd love to jump on the illuminated led scuff plates.. I wanted to buy some from Radicar Garage, but if kia will have them soon... then I'll jump on that!

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I agree, I think it's odd that they only make the Lighted Door Sill Scuff Plates for the 4 Door not the Sportier 2 Door Koup. As for the Body Kit listed it says 4 Door and SX? Odd because the SX comes in 4 Door and Koup form. I have a feeling the Body Kit seen on the Canadian SX-R is Kia's Body Kit for the Koup, because it's a very well designed kit for the Koup. It honestly looks like it was desinged by the designer of the car because it has a very European look to it. (Audi, Volkswagen) Which is who the designer of the Koup and Forte used to work for.

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Yeah that would be great
The people at Radicar Garage have led scuff plates for the sedan in red white and blue. I've gotten in contact with one of the salesmen, and he said that he can make some led scuff plates say forte koup, but I'm not sure how much they are. I've been wanting to get them ordered and installed for the longest time!! I'll email the salesmen on monday and give y'all an update.. they actually have a youtube vid with the led scuff plates. Just search Modified Kia Forte on youtube. It should be a dark cherry forte and 1 minute into the video they show the scuff plates.

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Kinda digging up an older post here but I'm having trouble locating all-weather mats for the Koup. I've seen them listed for the sedan, but nothing for the koup. Kinda odd that they'd offer them for one but not the other. I'm curious how close the front mats, at least, would be to fitting my koup. It'd be worth the money to just be able to use those front 2 mats and preserve my carpet mats and floor. If anyone has tried to use the sedan mats in the koup, I'd love to hear some feedback.


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