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LOC, Sig processor, EQ...

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This is my first post here... Lots of info. Just picked up an '10 EX Sedan. Stock HU is pretty cool. I have always dealt with wiring up an after market HU, pretty straightforward. I would not want to switch out the stock HU and lose all the integration it has. So, after searching, I did not find the information I was seeking. I am pretty handy at doing installs, not a pro, but I consider myself good. I know I would need a LOC for all 4 channels. What about a signal processor...? Would that give me an independent subwoofer RCA out as well as the other 4 channels?

OR would an EQ be the better way to go? I am considering a 5 channel amp, nothing mind-blowing, just a little bump and a good front stage. I had a Kicker system in my GMC Canyon, and would be recycling some of those components such as one of the 10" Kicker Solo Classics.

Last question (for now), I see the doors utilize a molex connector at the bulkhead, is there room in these to run some 16Ga for my door speakers?

Any input would be greatly appreciated,

Many thanks,

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I'm currently doing a whole new system in my car right now. I'm using a LOC that outputs to a MiniDSP for the frontstage crossover and then to the amps. I'm using 10Ga for everything but I had to run it through a small hole in the body through to a small hole in the doors, since there was very little room in the connecter. The back doors don't have this so I'm trying to figure out what to do to wire those. You'll really want to consider some deadening too. I've only been able to test my system with the 2 new front speakers and the door rattles like none other once you start putting some power through them.
I used an LOC and a clarion EQ/line driver. Works well, but I used upgraded to a double din navi unit.
I'm about to do a install soon for my door speakers and their amp, and I'm CLUELESS on which LOC I should get, and if there is anything else I need. As in if I need anything special, because I also will be adding a second amp, and sub's soon after that. So if anyone could point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated!

I just need to know if there's anything special the LOC needs to have to make sure I can connect the amp for the door speakers, and the second amp for the subs id appreciate it! Thanks guys!
LOC and a line driver, I'm currently using a clarion EQS746. Tap the line driver to your front speakers, rca from LOC to EQ, then from the EQ to amps.
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