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This is my first post here... Lots of info. Just picked up an '10 EX Sedan. Stock HU is pretty cool. I have always dealt with wiring up an after market HU, pretty straightforward. I would not want to switch out the stock HU and lose all the integration it has. So, after searching, I did not find the information I was seeking. I am pretty handy at doing installs, not a pro, but I consider myself good. I know I would need a LOC for all 4 channels. What about a signal processor...? Would that give me an independent subwoofer RCA out as well as the other 4 channels?

OR would an EQ be the better way to go? I am considering a 5 channel amp, nothing mind-blowing, just a little bump and a good front stage. I had a Kicker system in my GMC Canyon, and would be recycling some of those components such as one of the 10" Kicker Solo Classics.

Last question (for now), I see the doors utilize a molex connector at the bulkhead, is there room in these to run some 16Ga for my door speakers?

Any input would be greatly appreciated,

Many thanks,

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