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Hey all.

I am in Canada (Toronto) and am looking to get some winter tires/rims. I have a Koup EX and the current Hankook tires on the car are 205/55R16. I used these last winter and we had a mild winter but I could tell they were not very good in the snow/cold.

Anyhow, I am able to have things delivered to the States and shipped to me through a friends work so I have been checking out Basically the prices blow anything in Canada out of the water.

I can get the General Altimax Arctic Blackwall for $86 each as compared to $159 at Canadian Tire in Canada. When it comes to rims, I can get alloy rims from tirerack for $69 each cheaper than most steelies in Canada.

Should I be going for the same tire 205/55R16 or should I be going to a 15 inch as some people have told me this is better for traction somehow (and cheaper). If I go to a 15 what dimension would I get? Also from reading another thread on here I dont have to worry about TPMS being in Canada correct?

One last thing, I am terrible when it comes to what looks good, especially on a car. I have the choice of 4 types of rims for $69.

Moda MD12
MSW Type 14
MSW Type 22
Sport Edition SE-14

Does anyone have any opinion on what would look best on Corsa Blue Forte EX? The current EX rims are very dark so its kind of hard for me to gauge how they would look.

Thanks for any help/advice!
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