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ok i am thinking about building my own dual exhuast with this muffer from
MagnaFlow XL 3 Chamber.I do have some things i am not sure about like sound and performance to start.My plan is to use band clamps and make it work with out having to pay some one to make it for me.So let me no your opinion on my idea or give me some of your ideas to help me out.

Material: 100% Stainless Steel - Satin Finish
Body Shape: 7in. Round
Inlet/Outlet Size: 2.5in./2.5in.
Body Length: 27in.
Overall Length: 33in.
Core Size: Single 2.5in./Dual 2.5in.
Position: Single/Dual


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In the end it will be a lot easier, probably cheaper, and a whole lot less of a headache to go to a muffler shop and have the system built. Weld and flanges are a whole lot more durable than 100 clamps at each bend.

As far as performance, who knows? you are adding a bunch of bends that normally wouldn't be there and your are adding a whole lot of extra weight (Extra Muffler & Piping) that is not necessary.
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