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Hi all,

After much deliberation and many hours on this site, I have decided to bite the bullet and buy a Koup.

I still haven't decided whether to get the EX or the SX just yet. I think for me it'll mainly come down to price and the bonus features. If I can get the price of the SX down by $1000 (does this sound reasonable?) and a few extras thrown in then I might opt for that.

Anyways, nothing left for me to do but walk into a dealership and start bargaining. Which brings me to my main question. I live in Vancouver, BC and I am wondering if anyone bought a koup in this area and if you can recommend a good dealership/salesperson to talk to. I read a few nightmare dealership encounters here and it seems like the experience would be that much better with the right salesperson.

Any tips/experiences to share?

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