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Hey! new to the site so thanks for the help!

I own a '10 FORTE SX AUTO, and since i have owned the car I have noticed that from 40-55 MPH the car will bogg down like it has no power. especially if I just gradually coast along. it's like my car is going to 5th gear to quick and it looses so much power that its ridculous!!!! I have to put the car in sportsmatic and drop it to 4th so i wont roll back down hill(joking-but this is what it feels like)!!! Is this normal or should I have it checked out!
Second, this engine with only 2,800 miles on it seems very noisy -chattery if you will and doesn't seem right! am I just over protective or could this be a problem! I know I have warranty, but I dont want them to think im just being bitchy!!!!!! Any help would be awesome!
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