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Lots of Condensation On Inside Windows-New Car

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I originally posted this thread regarding my 2023 Forte taking a long time to warm up. The reason why it bothers me is because I always seem to have excess condensation on the inside of the windows. Sometimes it is fogged up, sometimes it is almost actual drops. When it is below freezing there is sometimes ice...all on the inside windows. I live in the northwest where it rains a lot but none of my other cars have ever has this problem. I have felt around the floor for wetness but cannot find anything. The windows have never been left down so that rain got in so I cant figure out why I am seeing this. I have tried defrost only, defrost with AC on, recirculate both on and off, regular vent with AC on and off...nothing seems to make a difference.

I have a short commute (like less than a mile 90% of the time) but have taken the car of several longer drives to really heat things up and hopefully dry out, but it seems to always come back after I am back to the short commute. For example, yesterday I took it to work at 6 am and it wasn't too bad. After work at about 6pm I had to wait for the front window to defog on the inside to drive home.

I did get a couple of digital hydrometers to put one in my truck and one in the Forte. The one in the truck is reading 53% and the one in the Forte is 69% which seems excessive. I would image both should be close to the same, so for some reason there is more moisture in the Forte. I am going to make an appointment today at the dealer to have it looked at but am curious if anyone else has this problem or suggestions on where to look. So far I have checked the in cabin air filter and ac drain. Not 100% sure on the ac drain, but I think it is working. Hard to tell as it has been wet here.
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Have tried the recirculation (AC on and off) along with everything else, but it didn't seem to make a difference. Average temperatures during the winter are probably mid 30's. Gets down into the 20's sometimes and up into the 40's, but otherwise pretty mild.
I will try that with the ac. I do not have a garage, unfortunately. I have tried to feel the carpet and what I can get to is dry but it also feels like there is something under the sound deadening matt. Also feels plastic.

Surpringly I was able to make an appointment for this Thursday morning, so we will if they can find something.
They all look good. No tears and brand new. Door look perfect too. Comparing the humidity to my other cars I am at 40% in one, 48% in the other. The Forte is 68% currently. For comparison, my Ecobee thermostat shows 47 in the house. Outside shows 78% so the Forte is on the higher side by a significant amount.
No heated windshield or sunroof. It's a basic LXS. I had thought about those Rid Damp things but would like to get to the source first.
Not sure it qualifies for a new car yet but not against pursuing lemon law if that's where it gets to.

This morning I needed to go to a doc appointment so a good chance to really heat things up. It was cold-25f and the windows were iced over on the outside with a humidity of 91%. The sensor in the car read 64%.I had the heater set to AC on and Defrost then to AC on floor once the windows thawed. The humidity sensor in the car kept rising to a high of 80% as I drove. When I got out of the doc it was down to 40% and by the time I got home with the heat cranked, AC on and blowing on the floor it got down to 34% and 77f inside.

Makes me wonder if water somehow gets into the venting system and blows out raising the humidity? It has been suggested the AC vent might be blocked.When I got home I let it sit for 15 min and have not seen any drops under the passenger front area so maybe that is the problem?
I'm leaning more to that. I think the info I got will help the techs figure out what is wrong....I hope
Ok. I will look. I saw that vents but never explored them. Thank you.
The Forte has been at the dealership since Thursday. As I was afraid of, they could not replicate the problem although he does believe it is happening and said it is not normal. They did blow out the AC drain line as that seemed like the most likely culprit. Nothing came out and it appeared clear, but who knows. Maybe it did something?
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Not sure, what trim do you have, but this initially happened with my GT-Line as well. The car has humidity sensor on the windshield. You can pull out the cover and check if no damages to wires.

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Then make sure you have activated Auto Dehumidify feature in multimedia system.

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I have an LXS with standard climate control so no humidity sensor. I appreciate the recommendation though.
Well, the dealership blew out the ac drain line. Nothing really came out to indicate it was clogged but that was all they cold think to try. The problem continues still so I am going to bring it back in. There are days where the entire inside of the front and rear windows are fogged over. Here are some pics. All those photos were taken after it had been sitting a while with no one in it. One of them shows the ice on the inside. I am going to keep hounding them but each time it goes in I am without a car since they have no loaners. I ask but get told no.

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I do exactly that and it does not make a difference. Unfortunately, my drive to work is 5 minutes long and the car doesnt get fully warmed up sometimes. You could argue that adds to the problem and it probably does but this is the only vehicle out of the three that does this. All the other ones just work.

Could be unique to the way the system works but it seems like it should not be that bad. Also, I have driven it for long drives and cleared out any moisture that could be in the car at really uncomfortable hot temps on days with no rain and it still comes back and does it. I appreciate your comments because you are trying to help, but I just dont think it is user error.
Thank you for that. I set it hot to make SURE I got everything dried out...kind of taking it to the extreme to make sure. Also, I have let it warm up for 5 minutes mostly because I have to in order to see out the window to drive. Interestingly, the Forte seems to take a long time to come up to temp. Again, longer than my other cars but that sounds normal. I am not sure the AC is working properly. The first thought I had, folks here and the technician was that the drain was clogged but that did not seem to be the case. I dont know how you can test the system but the techs should know that.
Thank both for those suggestions. The filter is good...I checked. I was hoping to find it still wrapped in plastic or something as that would explain things but no, it was good.

I will check the trunk in detail. I looked quickly but this time I will dive in there and pull stuff out.
As an aside, checking under the carpet is difficult. It is really put down tight and well fitting. It is thick too.
No coolant smells. Boy howdy....I had a heater core go on me once and it instantly fogged up the whole inside of my truck.
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