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Love the body kit

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Hey just wanted to share with everyone of the new color of body kit available. it looks awesome just wish it wasnt so expensive when shipping overseas to us here in the U.S
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I love that bodykit. Too bad I don't know what the rest of that page says.
if you wait about 3 weeks, the SEMA will be out, probably be hundreds of body kits for the forte... god i cant wait!
same here...i have been anticipating for a very long time as well!!! K.I.A i go over to staten island sometimes for club Glo...
not bad, I dont like the side skirts.. they are too much, reminds me of transformers..
Dude I love the red one! :D I am so gonna get this body kit!!!
I truly love this as well!! best body kit i have seen to date. very subtle and clean!
I like to buy a rear spoiler for my Kia Forte, but I don't know where I can Buy. Who's Know Please. I love too Kia Forte body kit... wonderfull, Iwant to get teh two items. Please anwser me.
i send an email about a month ago..the cost is:D $500 not bad huh...but to ship to puerto Rico is $800 :mad:LOL!!! i have a friend that makes this right now hes working on a similar one ill let ya guys know.

am going for the dual exaust too. :cool:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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