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Manual Shifting Sound Under Car-how loud is too loud?

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Hi All!

Wondered if anyone would mind giving me a quick perspective on this. I really like to work well with my service guys and not run something in on a whim unless I have some indication it is more than just a 'nuisance' complaint-and I'm not complaining about this, I just don't want to under-react and have it potentially damage something else either.

I've driven a manual for years - traded in my Spectra SX 2006 manual for my manual Forte, so you'd think I'd not notice a lot of difference shifting really (in this way). Even given the noted differences between the two, I still shouldn't see much difference.

Sitting still,

car running,

in open parking lot with nothing close (as in, not sitting along an echo-wall at a drive through, etc),

car hot or cold,

only total 700 miles on the car, four weeks new,

easy to reproduce because it's the 'norm' it would appear

-- I shift into ANY gear and I swear I hear hardware moving under the car. This happens when I'm driving and shifting also, but harder to observe and report condition fairly from inside moving car.

To be clear, this is absolutely positively
not a grinding noise, it is not missing gear.

I just never ever noticed a '(normal?)metal moving' sound to this degree ever before in any other car when shifting, coming from outside/under car, on any manual m/m that I've had direct experience with, when shifting from neutral or any gear to any other gear (unless of course I shifted wrong and that's not a part of this problem). But in the Forte, with no echo-wall etc. next to me on either side,

its like the sound of a skateboarder moving from one gear to the other -- its not like HUGE, its not like barely-detectable, but it is very noticeable from outside the car (much less heard inside the car) and it is 100% of every shift change. It's a somewhat smooth transition sound, it's not rough and the car doesn't react badly to it seemingly, the sound is not necessarily troublesome in terms of 'uh-oh'
so I tend not to want to run right away to service about it...

but it doesn't seem like it should be making the sound to this degree,

or if it comes from normal part movement (which I expect it is in some way) at least it shouldn't be happening that loudly (lube???). The sound that comes with the dragging is of a level that someone walking across a parking lot from you ten cars away would hear it and look.

Car runs great otherwise as far as I'm concerned, mpg at only 700 miles is as expected. No dash lights coming on.

Do all of your manual Forte's make this sound this loud, from under the outside of the car and noticeable to others, 100% of every shift as a rule--is that what I should consider normal on this Forte?

I planned to ask them as a matter of good form at the 90-day check so long as nothing else indicates any issue prior to that time, but

I thought I would ask here at this point just to be sure I'm not under-reacting...

Appreciate any input anyone would be willing to share,
and wishing all a great weekend!
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I don't have the manual trans (I've got the auto with the shift problem), but I would recommend just taking the car in to the service dept. and have them take a listen. You can explain that you're not trying to make a big deal out of it at this time, but could the service writer come outside and listen for a minute. You've got nothing to loose and they won't get upset about it.

The dealer I'm going to (not even the one I bought from) seems very commited to getting my transmission straightened out. Maybe they're blowing smoke but they seem guinely interested in getting to the bottom of the problem.
My SX sedan manual makes the same shifting noise. It has over 10K miles. I took it to the dealer when it was 3K, and the dealers said it was "normal", that all the other SX they tested on the lot made the same noise.

I agree that Forte seems to make louder shifting noise that other cars I drove before.
16k miles and mine still makes the same noise too, don't notice it anymore
I think it's just normal
maybe it has something to do with the delay valve, I will see if mine is still loud now that I've taken it out.
I figure it may be that because the delay valve slows engagement and disengagement of the clutch.. maybe the clutch is still slipping a bit when you're putting it in gear?
I'll report back on that, even though I doubt it's anything out of the ordinary
you guys really should try the cdv removal, it makes a world of difference! I can shift into any gear 4x as fast now, and less bouncy takeoff everytime now too
I have a weird noise when i hit 4300 rpms it sounds like a weird sound coming from the motor is this the noise you guys are hearing because its tripping me out i have 7500 miles on my ex koup.
My 6spd does the same thing...a loud "CLACK" from 1st to 2nd... it echoes in my parking garage which really freaked me out the first time I heard it. When I shift "softer" it seems not to be as noticable.
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