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map updates for 2011 navigation systems?

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Does anyone know anything about how Kia handles the navigation map updates with the factory installed systems? We asked the dealer and were told they are updated via satellite download. I suspect it is more of the typical internet download or cd/dvd update disc. The web is not providing much info and we didnt find much about it in the owners manual from the demo we had lastnight (picking up new car tonight).

Is this what we have to look forward to.
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Forte GPS Updates

You can contact MnSoft at HYUNDAI MNSOFT - HYUNDAI & KIA. Check the last page of your nav system User's Manual if this url didn't come through. They do GPS for Hyundai. Register your GPS on their website. They'll notify you when an update is available. You'll need your software version that you can access through the nav's menu. They're planning on a fourth quarter (2011) update. You'll have to download the update (like you would any GPS unit) and then upload to the GPS via the car's USB port. OR you could ask the dealer to do it for you. Halleen Kia (Cleveland, OH) said they'd do the update for me when it's available. Given the regular updates that Magellan, Garmin, and others do, this isn't very impressive. I'd suggest you call Kia's customer support. I found them to be polite and knowledgeable, and there was almost no wait time to speak with a rep. BTW my '11 Forte SX 5 door is 7 months old and has 6 K miles on it. I've had no warranty claims. Complaints? The SX's "sport suspension" is harsh. I replaced the Goodyear LS 2 "performance tires" with Continental Extreme Contact DWS all weather tires. The Goodyear's are not a cheap tire, but they were terrible in the snow.
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Forte NAV System Update

Had an unpleasant experience today, 01/05/12 with a MapnSoft rep and a Kia Customer Service Rep (I.D. # 22). Although MapnSoft's website clearly states that updates will be available 4th quarter of every year, their rep had no idea when it would be available for the Forte. The Kia Rep was more than impolite when I said this was unacceptable and challenged my claim that MapnSoft's website clearly states that upgrades are important since about 25% of the info changes every year. A lot of that is probably POI's. The ATM listed on my search today had been closed, obviously some time ago. When I pointed out to both of these reps that a map upgrade was already available for the '11 Optima (FOR $199!!!!) that was introduced long after the Forte, neither had an answer as to why no upgrade was available for the Forte. I gave the Kia rep the lowest ratings possible on the phone survey that followed our rather distasteful conversation. The NAV updates MIGHT be available SOMETIME during the '12 calendar year according to these two guys. BTW, the NAV system cannot and does not update via the GPS satellite or Sirius Traffic Radio. It's updated via the Kia's USB port using a flash drive with the software update that YOU buy. My dealer (Haleen, Cleveland, OH) said they'd never updated a NAV system for their customers. Considering the cost of these updates, buying a highly rated GPS unit might be the better idea. My Magellan has had at least three updates in the year that I've owned it. And they're FREE if you're willing to accept an occasional unobtrusive ad that appears briefly and then disappears. :mad::mad::mad::mad:
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