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map updates for 2011 navigation systems?

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Does anyone know anything about how Kia handles the navigation map updates with the factory installed systems? We asked the dealer and were told they are updated via satellite download. I suspect it is more of the typical internet download or cd/dvd update disc. The web is not providing much info and we didnt find much about it in the owners manual from the demo we had lastnight (picking up new car tonight).

Is this what we have to look forward to.
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That's awesome info. I appreciate it. We were disappointed to learn that our dealer was basically dumb to the notion of updates.
$200 to update, rediculous!
Trying to get this worked out with my dealer this week. They are under the assumption it checks for updates daily or every time it turns on. I try to politely tell them they must be confusing it with the traffic updates that the Sat-rad does because there is no way a GPS system will be able to varify it is due for updates via GPS only.

I printed the home page to the company above, so hopefully that will help them find a better answer. I am going to call the 1-888 number now to see what I can find out exactly since they don't even list the Forte on their site.

*****update after phone call to MnSoft and Kia:

So I called the 1-888 number for MnSoft and spoke with them and I was told a Kia Forte Nav system update will be available in 2-4 weeks at which point they will update their website to include the Kia Forte as a selectable option in their update menus.

To top things off, I just got off of the phone with Kia Consumer Affairs and got some disappointing news. It appears as though Kia does not cover the cost of any system updates, so I may have to rely on the goodness of the dealer to pay for this first update and possible future updates.
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This whole oem nav update is a joke. KIA apparently sent out a broad release nav update coupon via mail when it was only supposed to go to select vehicle owners. On top of that the dealer knew nothing about it, but they had no clue how to honor it because there were no promotion codes or phone numbers for reference. So after I was told to call customer service which went well actually we found out two important details. First it wasn't supposed to go to everyone and second the Forte doesn't even have a map available yet.
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