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"Master Body Kit Thread" for Sedans

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Hey guys I know there are tons of posts about body kits for the Sedan but theyre scattered and semi difficult to find (yes, i used the search lol) sooo just to try and help out and contribute to the forum and possible future members id like to make a "Master Body Kit Thread" that takes every body kit find and combines it into ONE post, therefore cutting down on threads about trying to find body kits.

The way im wanting this to work is for members that make a find would post it here in "link form" (a link to a LEGIT site to buy from that has pictures and prices) then I would update the Original post to include that link with that particular kits price posted next to it. Im hoping that this post will 1) help out everyone thats looking for body kits and 2) will get stickied for everyone to see at the top instead of complaining that they cant find it (should this posting work out)

Hit it up guys!

(Yes, I copy/pasted my own post I made in the Koup body kits and appearance section but I really wanna help everyone out so please dont think Im a post whore LOL)
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i got mine without because i knew i would be buying an after market kit
So I just bought my 2011 Forte Lx Sedan, any recommendations for a body kit? I think im getting Zen-M6 wheels black with machined face and lip ZEN™ M6 Wheels - Custom M6 Rims (might have to copy and paste that link) My Forte is black and I think those rims would look good. Now i just need to find a good body kit for it. Please have links! :)
am i the only one with a stock body aka lip kit ?

Dude, your's look the best by far... All these other kits look horrible. They remind me of the mid-late 90's body kits that started pouring into the market.
This body kit will fit any kia forte sedan or five door. Right now its for sale for 600 roughly shipped I any one is interested send me a email and i will give you the sellers name and number also this product came from korea but is in seattle washington right now
Hey Im interested. whats the sellers name and phone number??
apparently the pics werent working at first. hope this is better :eek:
Who can help me to find and to buy this body kit with spoiler? Need help!
Hey does that guy still have the sedan body kit? I have 13 forte and would love to have it
You can try KAI, but the available kits can go well into $1000. You can also get the components separately.

Wish there were sedan body kits on eBay for less.
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some good looking aftermarket sites!

i have not seen anyone use these but i really like what they have to offer.

hope this helps some people out. >:D
Hey everyone!

I have been online searching for over 4 hours for anything to customize my 2010 Kia Forte EX. I am empty handed with only a few to show for it. CarID is one of them lol. I know it's tough but has anyone found a couple of sites with fair prices of custom / aftermarket parts (body kits, headlights, interior accessories...) for the 2010 Kia Forte EX?
I have researched KAI on the BBB and they have an F rating! Beware guys!
Man! Where can I get that spoiler on the second pic! That looks awesome!

Does anyone know?
Mine is a mugen wing got it from ebay.
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