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Meet up today:Sunday, Jan. 2011,

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Sorry for the late post.

Meet up today @ Tim Hortons (Lakeshore/Cawthra) Mississauga.
Tim Hortons, 910 Lakeshore Rd E, Mississauga ON, L5E 1E1 - Google Maps

Time: 10:30ish onwards.
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Wish I saw this yesterday.
Wish I saw this yesterday.

Hey I was asking the guys if you were gonna be there too. Wanted to check out your exhaust, I saw Franco's and it sounded amazing.

Get a blackberry - join the FF conversation.
dont worry guys, there will be more soon! especially with the new changes
Done and done. There used to be a BBM group for GTAFK but I lost it when I swapped BBs.
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