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ok- never heard of this stuff before i came across mention of it in the
xXRockAweaRXx, 2010 Scion tC, WandersX, Crock89, Car Meet 2010

so i look up reviews on line- and seems that it doesnt work that well on black cars.....
anyone here use that stuff regularly on a black forte ?

from reviews that specifically mention black paint
"But, on black cars especially, it does not give a nice deep glossy or "wet look" shine. It leaves more of a streaky oily finish."

"Works equally as well as other cheaper brands and WILL NOT remove swirl marks on dark cars just like other cheaper brands."

i did read one review in which the person said it works great-

"It really pops the shine out on my black Toyota Tundra. The key is to apply it properly. Use it very sparingly, a little bit goes a long way (the cost may seem steep, but you get a lot of use out of one bottle). Don't apply to a hot surface, it will dry too fast and streak. Make sure it is totally dry before wiping off (apply on a low humidity day if possible), I usually do the whole vehicle and then go back and wipe it off. Once you understand how to apply it, it goes on and wipes off very easily.Remember that this product is only a wax, not a cleaner wax like most people use. Therefore, if you have scratches/swirl marks etc. you should use a polish on your vehicle before you apply the NXT, as it will not remove blemishes. However, it does seem to cover them up a bit.

and while we are on the topic of black cars and wax-
if you have a black forte- other than the above mentioned wax-
what do you use?

i'd still love to know what was used on the black on in picture- IMG 1636 & C1K7197 (this car looks so slick- you gotta wonder how they got the 2.4 to stick to the fender) :)

i've picked up a Turtle wax box kit called the "black box" - contains pre-wax conditioner, deep black carnuba wax, and conditioner, plus the applicators and spray bottles- but havent been able to give this a try since we are in storm season here in fla- and i dont have a garage- so even if its not raining- the sun is blazing and at night- well- the humidity so high-it might as well be raining.

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I've used the black box for my car the first time I waxed it I bought that. I can't say I was too impressed with it, the wax works ok and its nice since the wax is black and has a dye in it can't say I found the dye to help cover scratchs too well but it seems to help cover swirl marks some.
*ps, dont get the wax on your hands lol*

I'm still searching for something I like more :(
(and let me guess- somehow or another - its gonna fk the rubber trim around the windows)
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