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I don't have a black car but I have a Bronze Metallic which is a fairly dark color and I use Meg's NXT.

I agree the key to Meg's products is do it right. At first when I got my car I washed with Meg's Crystal Car wash. This is the only car wash I've used that lubricates well and some how is able to soften tree sap and help melt away road tar. I followed with Meg's clay Kit which also uses Meg's Cleaner Wax. Wash the car again with crystal wash to get rid of any dirt pulled up from the claying and clay residue.

At this point I used the NXT. 2 Coats, use small amounts per coat). At the show and shine I was telling one of the Soul owners how NXT works so well bird poop doesn't stick. I literally saw bird poop hit and slide off my car and the tiny residue that was left was washed off in the next rainstorm.

The NXT gave such a smooth surface lasting 2 weeks with intermittent showers. All I had to do to keep the car spot free was to give it a quick shot from the hose to make it sheet. After this the water still beads but you can tell it's smooth anymore.

I would say if you want to use NXT you should get Meg's cleaner wax to get the best possible shine and durability. You need a clean surface for good wax adhesion. If you have a black car you should get Meg's Swirl remover to (hopefully) spot treat. Remember that swirls is fine damage to your clear coat. To remove them you're either leveling your clear coat or filling it. A good wax job will help fill the clear coat and create a protective surface for tiny paint damage to occur.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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