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OK, for any paint color, you must purchase the best you can get your hands on.

What is the best?

100% carnauba. period.

not 99%.

Don't wax with anything less. And if you don't know how to wax properly take it to a professional. But only a professional that uses 100% Carnauba wax.

If you find a real professional that uses 100% carnauba, use him. Not someone that says they can get 100% Carnauba wax, only someone that already uses it.

If you are trying to get rid of swirl marks, use a cleaner wax. then a regular wax.

And don't forget to buff. When you wax, use the "Wax on, Wax off method" by this I mean the direction of your hand pushing against the wax. You want your thick palm side of your hand to push against the surface of the vehicle. You want nice even pressure. Treat your car like its a CD surface. Be careful what you use to wash it. And you will have a long lasting shine.

Also, just like painting, there is prep work to be done before waxing. Wax is a protector. Would you spray armor all on dirty tires? nope.
Wash with a good auto soap, never use dish soap, and use a good microfiber to clean with.
If you have tar, sap or bug residue, then take care of this first before you wash. Use denatured alcohol on a microfiber and it will clean this up nicely without any damage to the paint trim or even windows and plastics.
After wash, clay your car with a good quality Clay product.
Then Wax and buff.
Last, optional, polish.
Do this every 6 months.

And in between, use a detailer spray.

Tip for windows: Use soaked #0000 Steel Wool to clean a wet window in the middle of your wash, this will remove any water spots. No scratches or microscratches as long as you keep it wet. But do not use on paint or plastic.
Well put. I disagree with the detail spray though....i find it's just a dust magnet after a day and then you have to do it again. I usually wash my car about once a week or 2 weeks and they hold up well. I wax in the fall around late october, then if i can sometime in february (road salt isn't nice to cars), then again when the spring hits, and maybe once in the summer.

Some people say that's over-doing it but here in Nova Scotia you're always battling the elements. In the summer there are mosquitos and bugs galore if you take old highways (the ones that are fun to drive on), not to mention road construction everywhere and tar getting on your car. In the winter there's snow, road salt and sand and then in the spring and fall there's just mud everywhere.
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