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Metra Dash Kit

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I've only been on the site for about a month and I just bought my car 2 weeks ago. One of the main things I've been interested in is getting a DDIN and I've seen a bunch of posts of people having to order from over seas, etc etc. So I contacted Metra myself and they actually have dash kits for the forte... in the states. They have one with a flat black finish, high gloss black finish, and silver finish. Part numbers are
Flat Black: 99-7338B
Silver: 99-7338S
High Gloss: 99-7338HG

Thought I'd share the information... now if anyone has suggestions for which head unit I should put in this bad boy, let me know

**by the way he also said this would work for the 2011, and he linked me to this site to buy it:
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Use the search on the site. We have this same info on another thread. I already have my double din installed with the high gloss metra kit and I would def recommend that one. I don't really kno how the others look so I can't say.
You don't rly need a headunit was 500$ plus like 150ish for install and mine has everything built into it. Going with kenwood or pioneer, ur gunna pay top dollar and the interface of all of those are very texty and seems like there not high resolution screens. Do some research outside huge companies like that and you'll be pleasantly surprised on what you can get, I was.
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