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Metra Dash Kit

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I've only been on the site for about a month and I just bought my car 2 weeks ago. One of the main things I've been interested in is getting a DDIN and I've seen a bunch of posts of people having to order from over seas, etc etc. So I contacted Metra myself and they actually have dash kits for the forte... in the states. They have one with a flat black finish, high gloss black finish, and silver finish. Part numbers are
Flat Black: 99-7338B
Silver: 99-7338S
High Gloss: 99-7338HG

Thought I'd share the information... now if anyone has suggestions for which head unit I should put in this bad boy, let me know

**by the way he also said this would work for the 2011, and he linked me to this site to buy it:
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when i first posted it i didn't see the other thread, but then later on i did, i was just so excited to hear the news. now i've had the kit and all the parts to install for a few weeks but can't afford the head unit if anyone wants to throw a grand my way i'd be real happy
my buddies dad sells wholesale audio parts so i could get an clarion NX500 for 500ish, but i really like the looks of some of the other ones, i want a red display to match the inside of the car and the clarion is blue
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