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I sometimes get shift shock when putting in 1st gear after coming to a stop. I was able to repeat the symptom few times with the following sequence of actions:

- come to a complete stop with the gear in neutral and clutch released
- wait few seconds and then push the clutch and put the gear in 1st. Over 30% of time, I hear and feel a small transmission "shock" - similar to the sound and shock you would feel when you quickly release the clutch. At first, I thought the clutch wasn't pressed all the way, so I made sure to REALLY push down on the clutch before shifting... the result is the same. there is a minor shock when putting into the first gear AFTER you come to a stop from a cruising speed.

I don't have a problem if I come to a stop with the gear in neutral but keep the clutch depressed and never release it. If I keep the clutch pushed in while I wait for the light to change, the 1st gear goes in smooth and soft without any noticeable "shock". But this is very inconvenient, and despite of soft Kia clutch, it does tire out the leg.:(

Sometimes the 2nd gear doesn't go it smooth either... As the other posters mentioned, I may ask the dealer to check out the clutch master cylinder the next time I visit them.
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