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I used a seat belt cushion Gel Pad which has Velcro on both ends when you buy it and used this on the Pillar so when the Seat belt is released and stored no more banging and look good. The Pads come in 3 colors and I went with the one that was kinda Charcoal Bluish color which blended with color of Pillar. One for each side.
I purchased Velcro Sticky one side tape in a pack that contained about 15 inches each of both Male and Female Velcro to use on both pillars.
I installed the Velcro Pad Vertically as it worked better and looked better when done but could be done Horizontally also.
Just Stretch the Pad out when you buy it and role the one end under so the Velcro is facing the same way or get your wife to sew it on the other side.
Looks good and feels good when storing or retrieving belt.
Link to Canadian tire for the Pads.
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