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My dealer couldn't find a EX sedan in our region that is Spicy Red w\ moonroof. They are driving in a spicy red w\ Fuel Economy package and offered to put in a moonroof installed by a 3rd party they do business with. I've read several stories about aftermarket moonroof's leaking every year and possibly rusting out where they cut the hole. In addition, I am also aware it may reduce the strength of the roof in a rollover accident. The dealer says it comes with a lifetime warranty.

I am considering going with an SX instead w\ factory moonroof. Should I do that or just avoid a moonroof altogether? I wanted the highest fuel economy I could get and it takes a hit with the SX model. But I can probably live with that given the nicer engine\suspension and other upgraded features.


1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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