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Motor mounts!!!! Hopefually tmrw!!!!

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hey I found a shop that might be making me motor mounts.

Would anyone be interested in some if they make them and they turn out good?
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Are they actual mounts or just a dampering kit to quite the engine noise?
x2 on the what are they making?

are the making real motor mounts out of metal.. that would cause some vibration but keep the motor from moving..

Or are they trying to make it smoother with more rubber? details please :)
It would be actual motor mounts!!! They would be pretty stiff cause they make really good performance mounts. I think it should be around 250$??? Im going to ask if they can do like a discount just for this forum or something...
keep me informed
I had them on my 08 civic si and it was like night and day difference.

here is a picture of how the look for the si so you guys can get an idea...

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hmm, yes keep us posted on this sounds good.
When you get them done upload some pix, if you can get one before they install that would be great.
I was a little late on that last post. Thanks for the pic.
KK Im going over there so time tmrw maybe tonight if i have enought time.
ill ask them to take a picture of just the mounts before they put them in and maybe if they are cool with it take pictures of the steps as they are doing them... Ill keep everyone posted and im going to try and work out pricing for us too =)
il be the first to buy money on hand :)
so real motor mounts will hold the motor in place but would it cause more vibration at idle or during regular/hard drive?

is this just so the motor doesnt move as much & does it do anything else?
forte333 how much for the koup bumper?
Everything will rattle a little inside on idle and a lot in 1st gear many people dont like it for normal everyday driving... but omg is it night and day difference.. smoother shifts into gears.... engine doesnt feel like it drops on its face... a little throttle response deff work doing i think.

We will find out all details tmrw
Keep us posted bookmarked on my android!
Very interested! Hopefully they can make them!
what exactly is the purpose of the motor mounts
To stop the flexing that occurs from torque so there is less power loss to the wheels.
To stop the flexing that occurs from torque so there is less power loss to the wheels.
hmm. sounds good. Dont engines have to flex a certain amount to prevent damage to internals though?
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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