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MPG on the 2.4L Engine

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:)MPG on the 2.0L Engine Just wondering what kind of MPG everyone is getting on their 2.4 liter
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I was wondering the same thing. I do a lot of highway driving but over a full tank I can't seem to manage any more than 27-29 mpg. Dug out my original window sticker and it claims 32 highway....
I have the 5spd auto on my 2010 & get a pretty-consistent 25mpg in & around town. I do very little highway driving but did average 34mpg on a recent trip.
I have the 2011 SX 5 door and only 1600 miles at this point and the best I've managed in mostly (80%) hwy driving is 28. I use the GasBuddy app on my iPhone to track mileage.

I expect I'll possibly get another 1-2 when it's fully broken in.
6 speed

80/20 highway to city and I get a consistant 30 mpg. I don't rev through the gears or hot dog. I just drive it.
I have seen 33 mpg on the highway many times
I have just about gone through my first tank of gas in my 2011 Fort Koup SX - I am averaging 24 mpg - all city driving.
2010 SX koup and i do about 60/40 hwy/city I usually get around 25 mpg and that is usually going 70 or 75mph on the hwy.
20-22 mpg 80/20 (city/highway)
Me and the wife do 60/40 city/highway in the 2010 and I have been getting a consistant 26MPG. I am a little bummed because at that rate I was hoping for closer to 28 but I don't think the transmission in the 2010s do a good job of gear selection, I feel it hunt a bit if I take a hill. I know on flat highways I can get 36MPG cruising at 65.
Man yalls gas MPG is good....I looked at mine earlier and im AVGing 15....all I drive is city. So sucks, but im trying my hardest to improve my habits... ;)
I drive 90% Interstate at 65mph and get 34mpg.
During the engine break-in period I was averaging 28mpg. Now it's about 30 - 32. That's driving about 70/30 highway/city. I try to keep the needle around 65 - 70 mph.
2011 SX Koup - 6 Speed Auto
50/50 highway/city and I average between 28-30mpg.

Cruise control is my friend! :)
First full tank down and at refill I calculated 23.7, 1 mpg more than the cars readout was, and thats all in town driving with a touch of leadfoot here and there.
I try to calculate mpg each time I fill up... on average, it's been between 26-29.
I do mostly hwy driving 85% of the time.

I tried prestone fuel inj. cleaner about two tanks ago, my mpg i must say has gone up to 32mpg. I plan on using it with every oil change.

34k miles on it now...plannig to clean intake valve..
31mpg On my 2.0 4spd a/t I love it
Will have more tomorrow but I got 34 mpg on my last fill-up. The mileage has been going up as it is getting broken in now with 4,400 miles. The overall mileage is now over 25.2 mpg. 900 mile trip and it did wonderfully. Going up and down the Ozarks hills on the way to Branson and handling was splendid. No problems.
I have 4,700 miles on my 2010 SX with the 5sp auto. I get about 28-29 mpg city driving. I have not done a hwy trip since the car had less than 2,000 miles. On that trip I got 33 mpg at 80 mph.
Not to put a damper on this discussion but I just saw the new Focus. It looked very good and with the 2.0 the highway mileage was 38 mpg and city mileage was 28 mpg. This car is going to be a very big draw. With the rising price of gasoline it will be a very big deal for all cars to have good mpg figures or they just won't sell. There is an old saying that Americans will pay anything for economy. It is still true, even back in the days when gas was 28 cents a gallon.

Drove the new Focus today. The Kia Forte is a superior vehicle.
I struggle to stay about 22 MPG in mostly city driving. On the highway I can get 34+ easy
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