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mtec 4750k halogen h11b bulbs

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hey whats up everybody. im new to this site but have been checking it out for a while and finally got a chance to subscribe. but i was looking on the internet the other day and found these bulbs

H11B Xenon White 4750K Halogen Bulbs for Headlamps Headlights Head Lamps Lights

they apparently have roughly the same output as stock hids. just without the hassle of installing hids. ive been thinking about getting them but not sure if they are as good as they sound. anybody else saw them or tried them? any thoughts?
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I bought these about a month ago and I love them. They do light up the road a little bit more, and they look whiter which is the main reason I got them. Don't expect them to be as bright as xenon bulbs, but they do help for sure. I didn't want to install HIDs so these were perfect, just plug and play.
Nice, I want to find something in the 6000k range and still be halogen. I don't want to convert to hid or h11. Hopefully more manufacturers will support the h11b...
@ Lysander. Any trouble with cops after putting them on?
No problems with the cops, only a few people flash their lights at me cuz they think I have my high beams on lol
Lol that was my next question
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Are these white? NO yellowish tint to them? ALL white? Becuz I'm very interested in them but only want them if they are white lights with absolutely no yellow tint to them!
In the pictures I saw of them there wasn't any yellow tint. There was a slight blue tint however
chopshop is right. There is no yellow tint, but there is a hint of blue tint in the lights.
So I bought these bulbs and I love them. Only problem is after I installed the new bulbs my headlights don't line up any more. Anybody know how to fix this? I can't seem to get it
How can you saw you love them if they doesn't work :p

I can read on the box that it is 100w. Our support 55w so maybe your wires '' fried '' . Or maybe a wrong installation
My wires not fried dude. Read the box again. The output is 100w. The lights still go on. I need a headlight alignment. That's what I need help with

Xenon White Blue H11B Sized Bulbs 2010 2011 Hyundai Kia Headlamps Headlights Head Lamps Lights by 8007610235
Just ordered some. And I found some h1's on bay that match!
Just ordered some. And I found some h1's on bay that match!
I order Blue H1 for 0.99 free shipping :D I love ebay

And for your help, I know there is a screw that you can turn and it will adjust the line of your Hi and low light but you cannot change only one .
I just installed the H11B's, they look great! They do not come in the packaging that is in the picture, they come in little white boxes that say H11B on them, probably a generic Mtec ripoff. No worries, they look great, let's see how long they last!

Still waiting on the matching H1's.
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