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I drove a Kia Koup with the Ultra Racing front strut bar, and with my driving style I didn't notice any difference whatsoever. The average driver like myself probably won't notice the upgrades. My daily routine is I back out of the driveway, drive 5 miles to work on a congested avenue at 20 MPH trying to avoid potholes and park my car. After work I go to Walmart, and the highlight of my driving day is looking for a parking spot away from everybody else so I don't get dings in my door. Then I drive home at 20 MPH and park in my driveway. Yawn. Every few months I take a 300 mile trip upstate NY on a nice big highway where the speed limit is 65 MPH. If I go faster I will get a speeding I don't go faster. At what point would an average driver really ever get to feel those mods? Not knocking your original post but I really think those mods are for an aggressive driver at the track trying to shave seconds off his best time...that's why I have a Miata <wink>
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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