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my crease's are getting fixed under kia warranty

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yep its true kia is fixing my crease's the pass side door one and the V shape to. I took it to my local kia dealer last week they told me a kia rep has to look at it and ok the paint and body work. So i got a call this morning they told me that the kia rep will be in town and wants to look at my car today :D. So long story short after 30 min talk he oked it to get it fixed under warranty the only bad thing is i have to use the dealerships body shop:mad: (not a fan of them) so it will go to the body shop on monday to get fixed. so it can happen
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Have they told you how they plan on fixing it? It's going be hard to fix something that goes away when they park it in the temp controlled body shop.
I hope they're not planning to fill / sand / paint.
they are going to use a hairdryer to heat it up.........
what are these crease's? iv googled it but nothing came up... wanna know where to look to make sure my forte koup ex (2011) doesn't have any
use the search button at the home page and you'll fnd lots of threads. just type in crease.

good luck getting the paint to match the rest of the car. i know its black but still will never be a 100% match to the original car color. plus, not sure how they can "fix" it. you mind end up without your forte for quite some time because of the lack of knowledge about the problem. good luck tho and i hope it works out for you!!!
I don't see a true resolution to this issue with anything less than a complete panel replacement on the doors and rear fenders and a prayer that the paint matches perfectly. Anything else is going to be a bondo / paint job that will potentially end up looking like you've been in a very bad accident. Aftermarket paint jobs NEVER match the shine quality, depth, reflection, etc. of factory, I don't care how well it was done. This is a bad issue for Kia in regard to fit & finish. You're really damned if you do and damned if you don't.
Make sure it is well documented and everything is in writing from the dealership. I smell a lemon lawsuit coming.
i see a lot of lemon lawsuits coming :)
You'd be lucky to get Lemon Law on this. Lemon law's "usually" only cover mechanical components. However, they vary state to state. The best bet would be a class action lawsuit. That also comes with it's cons. Long drawn out lawsuits and a split refund among owners which usually, after attorney fees, makes the whole ordeal not worth your time.
i personally wont go that far. its not worth the effort. getting something fixed that you can barely see and it has to be cold to see it isnt something to go thru that much trouble for. i have one crease and its long but you can barely see it.
OP, make sure get them to explain what they are going to do to fix the creases! The creases are temp whatever they do needs to take that into consideration.

They may be able to get behind the door crease but there is a panel behind the "V" crease in the Q-panel and will be hard to get at the epoxy behind the outer panel.

Good luck...and keep us posted!
i was thinking about that today idk if i will let them do it at all. there going to do paint and fill and i had some paint work on the other side of the car (do to hail) and u can see in the sun the paint difference in the black it will be 1300 worth of work at the body shop
well, if you can see the difference in the color just from hail damage, imagine what it will look like on an entire door
Now that our weather is warm I don't see the creases at all...but when we get a cold front through and the temp drops to the 50s the creases show up. The colder the temp the worse they look. If the metal is cold and they fill the crease with plastic what happens when the metal goes back to its' original shape? Will you get a bulge?
I have a question:

We already established the passenger side door crease (i have it too in winter), why don't we have a crease on the driver side door?
I have a question:

We already established the passenger side door crease (i have it too in winter), why don't we have a crease on the driver side door?
Dunno...and I'm not going to take my door apart to see the difference!
Dunno...and I'm not going to take my door apart to see the difference!

someone had a picture up of a weird patch in the passenger door. i am wondering if its the same in the drivers ... if so, will removing it make the crease disappear?
here is the update i had to let the koup go


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