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My future plan :)

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Hey guys pretty new to this forum. Just got my 2011 koup sx and i've seen some pretty sick stuff on here that has inspired me to post my plan. Just wanted some feed back to see what you all think.
1. Soundsystem (12" sub in the trunk)
2. Audi LED headlights
3. Tinted tail lights (legal?)
4. Mudguards
5. Interior colors (Red)
6. Under the hood colors (Red)
7. CAI? (Warranty...)
8. Spoiler
9. Bodykit
10. Paint roof black

P.S. my car is titanium color and i'm only in highschool so my budget is a little short haha
Any other ideas?
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right now, get the kia splash guards. it makes the car look better.
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