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My Koup EX

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Even stock this car is uber sexy. I've only had it for 2 weeks so the only thing i've actually done to it so far is put in my subwoofers....

-Accellerator Cover Adjustment to lose dead space
-2 12" Kenwood Subwoofers in a ported box w/ a 400W Kenwood amp.

Future Mods:
-Air Breather
-De-Badging and Re-Badging once I find some I like
-Tint Windows
-Racing stripes like on the Kia Soul
-CF Tape some parts on the interior
-Audi Style Headlights
-Matte Black Shark Fin Antenna

Far Future Mods:
-Quality speakers
-Bigger Amp
-Blackout or Black Bezel Taillights
-Dual Exhaust
-CF Tape a Spoiler


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Congratulation Brother, we all have beautiful cars, don't we?
Sweet Ride! I havent seen many Koups in that colour.
Post pics of your mods!
I'll post more pics as soon as I put more mods on haha
Never seen that color before, looks nice. Doesn't look 350z sporty, looks more like infinity g35 sporty.
Yeah man, another spicy red... Love the car right. I have the same as you. well it used to look like that. ahaha but much love for the spicy red. welcome.
Blacked out my emblems yesterday, and moved the Koup emblem to the front of the car. I also bought a roll of carbon-fiber tape so I'm going to CF some parts of the interior as well We'll see how that goes :) I'm also trying to get some red Moulding for the front grille so I can get a nice custom look.

I'll have more pics once i finish putting things on


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IMO I think it looked better normally. I'd rather buy new emblems than spray paint them. To each their own i guess. And i would also have leveled out the koup symbol rather than align it with the grill. Just my personal opinion. If you like it, fantastic :D
Here's another pic of the blackout emblem on the back and the snazzy new vents i installed in front of the rear fenders just for that extra little bit of flair haha

Cheap yet effective haha :)

I plan on adding red moulding to the front grill around the bottom and sides of it, and also I plan on buying a MeccaMachine and style emblem for the front and a koup emblem for the back, but until I get the money I just spraypainted it.


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