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My Motor and Transmission Mount Saga

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Today I spent all day working on my 23 GT 6spd. Since installing the Racechip GTS last year I have been fighting excessive traction and wheel hop issues in 1st and 2nd gear. The first thing I did was install Whiteline lower trans mount inserts KDT970 KDT970 Trans mount insert – Whiteline USA ( They worked good but the shake at idle was more than I wanted. I then bought Powerflex Yellow PFF26-120 Hyundai Veloster N, I30N, ELANTRA N (2017+) Engine Lower Torque Arm Bushings | PowerflexUSA but I decided to try something different. I put Whiteline insert in the rear spot and installed the Powerflex yellow in the front position. The vibration at idle is gone and there is no wheel hop at the moment but that also could be the new 235/45/17 Continental DWS06 vs the 225/40/18 Michelin PS4, I changed the upper motor mount insert and the tires at the same time.
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I might not have taken enough off the corners. Maybe I will give it another try when I do the next oil change.
What have you done to your Forte/Cerato/K3 today?

@Intruder , he figured it out quick. I put up with the sound until it went away. Lol
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