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My new Koup

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Hi all,

I just signed and will pick up tomorrow my 2011 Kia Koup EX
I always sign up to the forum of the cars that I own and this is my first brand new car!!!
Looking forward to talking to you guys and getting and giving help when it comes to any issue I may encounter, any tips you all can give would be much appreciated. First I want to get a badgeless black grill to match the rest of the car and debadge the trunk
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Hello and congrats...

Tips, well I'd say be careful with the paint its real thin.
Becareful when your inside your car because the plastic tends to scratch easly :(
For example be very careful taking your seat belt off.. some guys tend to scratch there side door panel letting the seat belt swing back too fast.

those are the the two tips I can give you too help try too keep your forte looking good.

Enjoy the new car :)
gratz on the buy!

is it manual or auto?

you may consider this depending on how it drives. It made a drastic improvement for me.
Congrats and welcome. Enjoy the Koup. Have an auto EX myself, and the lightweight pulley was pretty nice to get. :) Pics tomorrow?
Welcome to the forums. Grats on the new ride. If you haven't seen it already, here is my video and I mention about the seatbelt hitting the door and marking it.
^^ I def recommend the BMW seat belt holders that MFury shows! I got them cuz of him and first off you'll save your shoulder from reaching far back to get your seatbelt and as rainyraven said, you'll prevent the scratches on your door panel from the seatbelt flying back when u release it. Anyway, welcome to the forum and hope you love it and I'm sure u will!
I love it!!!
6 Speed Manual Black, black cloth seats...
I will look into the seat belt thing...
The paint is thin? I was going to de-badge it, any tips?
I was going to leave it in the sun on a nice day for a few hours and do the dental floss thing for the "forte" and "Koup" as well as the trunk lid badge. I know the front has clips on the inside of the grill, I will probably get a badgeless grill for the front, I found some decent looking stuff on Ebay.
I have one pic and it is on my phone...I will upload some soon.
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