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Hello everyone, my name is JJ Wright. I live and work in the Boston area. Just picked up my Titanium SX with the 2.4L - SX leather package. Traded in my 03 Optima with 202k(regular service and Mobil 1) on it with no problems (except the radio died) EVER! So I was already sold on KIA :)

Feel in love with the Koup the instant I saw it. Looking forward to a long life with it. Should I sick with synthetic oil this time around or does it really make a difference?

First day has been a joy, trying to find my comfort zone with the seat and stearing wheel etc. Ride seems a bit rough and everything is tight, not as smooth as the Optima was, but I'm sure it will get better over time.

Radio works great with my iPhone, except it starts playing my iPod app on the phone right off the bat when I start up (can't figure that out). Also noticed it didn't transfer my iPhone phone list - just saw on the KIA BlueTooth section of KIA site, it won't. Using the iPhone/iPod right now the came with my DUAL BT HD radio that I had in my Optima. And I've turned the speaker lights off - I'm 59 years old and it was annoying to me :)

Road noise is bit louder than I'm used to, but I'm sure I'll adjust.

First mod with be tinted windows, how do I remove rear deck to fully cover rear window - get behind break light? Then a front spoiler and splash guards when they become available and window wind/rain guards - if any.

I'm sure it will be a real joy own my new companion:)

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