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Hello all!

I installed my TWM short shifter with base and cable bushings yesterday. I am NOT an expert handyman, but the manual was very helpful. It did, however, take me three hours because I did not have all of the most perfect tools. For example, I did not use a vice to extract the cup that attaches the shift cable to the bottom of the stock shifter. I used a triangle rule and the hung the shifter through the hole in the center of the rule so that I could separate the cup with a punch and hammer. Here are some pictures of the install.

#1 Removed Console!
#2 Removing this push nut was by far the hardest part of the installation. It looks innocent, but believe me... its is quite a bastard. Look at the installation manual here The push nit is in the very beginning. It really just takes alot of patience to remove, but there are also tools that cut the inner tabs. If you have money, im sure that would be a great time saver and would remove your risk of breaking the plastic.
#3 Installed new shift lock mechanism. The new mechanism slides more smoothly, and the spring has more resistance. Over all, it is a good upgrade.
#4 Here is a picture of the installed TWM base bushings.
#5 Here is the pic of the finished install. I think it looks great with my $20 shark racing shift knob!


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