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my white koup pin striped

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just spent about 25-30 min doin this. i like it but just want to get some outside opinions about it before i decide to keep it :)


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Looks hott! Especially on the white Koup! I love the Forte in white!
:p LOOKS SO WEIRD! lol, in a good way! I love it :D Keep it!
Looks really good. Are you going to do any other striping down the side of the car or anything. (Maybe around the windows).
nope, no more pin striping. i was actually not sure if i was gunna do this but it turned out good. i'll prolly take it off when i get my new wheels and i black out my roof cuz i want the black on white look but for now its ok. :)
True. The best main colours are black, white and red. Im going for a straight black and white with my sedan.
how did you do this> was it a kit or did your paint it your self?
just pin striping tap from autozone. :) took like 30 minutes
looks great !, one thing from a designers stand point, the grille is perfect you striped the inside of the perimeter and on the lower grille you did the outside perimeter. if it was me i would just rework the bottom one . It really looks great though , great idea !
all the rain has made it peel off so i took it off. i'll just eventually get it painted on but for now, no more stripe... BUT i just installed my Audi LED strips! here;s some pics...


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got some night pics that will follow later :)
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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