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I've got the auto trans 2nd to 3rd shift problem and have been trying to minimize the problem while driving until a fix is released by Kia. What I'm finding that works best for me is to start out in the Shifttronic mode. When I make that first shift from second to third, I let off the gas as if I was driving a manual transmission. Then I go back on the gas after it's in third. That seems to be working well for me. Then I go over to 'D' for auto shifting after I'm past that first 2 to 3 change.

If I start out with the car in 'D', I can go easy on the gas when I think it's going to shift, but it's just easier to get off the gas when I'm controlling the shift point.

Just thought I'd pass along what seems to be working for me. Of course, your mileage may vary. ;) Or you may not even care about the clunky shift, but I'll bet that most of us do care.
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