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Guys, check out this link. It's from 7ism's website in Korean, but a google translate easily fixes this.
They seem to do a number of engine mod packages for Korean makes, including camshafts, pistons, gaskets, ecu tuning(?) etc. I have my own ECU tuner, but I could really use a performance engine kit for my NA car. Not so keen on Turbo as aftermarket turbos are basically illegal where I live. This stuff is strictly in-engine and i doubt its detectable :D

Some of these kits boast performance of up 22.3kgm torque @ 3800rpm and 182bhp @ 6800rpm for a purely NA setup (no mention of exhaust/intake yet!). the compression ratio is 10.5:1, so i believe these are possibly meant for our Koups. :)

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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