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Need advice...

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So I put in my led switchback months ago and everything has been great.... Well last night I pulled up behind my moms white truck & realized that my driver side light was the amber color not white as it should be. So I turned my blinker on and it blinked like normal yet when I turned it off it still stayed amber. I went and kind of hit the headlight unit it switched back to white for a few seconds then went back to amber.... then this morning I drove to work and when I got there I got out and everything was normal it was white like it was supposed to be. Has this happened to anyone else??? Any advice on what I should do??
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Moisture might have gotten in there, if it happens again, I'd take the headlight assembly out, check it for leaks or condensation.
Sounds like the bulb may have a faulty circuit inside. Try contacting the manufacture to see if they have any warrenty on the bulbs and ask their opinion. They hopefully should be able to help you out.
I agree with fox. Contact diodedynamics, and ask for a new pair. He is usually good at replying to emails
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