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So you are saying that this has no effect on the monitoring of the fuel/air mixture. You are also, apparently, stating this is in compliance with state law, regulations and state inspections. And you also believe that Kia would not have objection to these modifications should a warranty claim ensue. ((He never said that))
I've actually read the owner's manual and it is rather explicit that any modifications to virtually any part of the car would have negative implications as to the warranty. I can cite those for you if you wish. ((Please do))

What I don't understand is why shade tree mechanics and fly by night aftermarket market merchandisers seem to understand these vehicles better than the engineers who designed the cars. ((Kia designed the car for the general public, who on average like quiet cars. Now in the real world, there are people who want some noise, that's why there are those companies. None of them claim to be smarter than Kia, they just offer us some alternatives))

Why would anyone want to make the car louder? That will lead to hearing loss later on in life plus thoroughly aggravate those around the car who have their senses assaulted. This may be "cool" to those who do these things but the truth is that all it will do is to diminish the value of the vehicles and make a nuisance of the vehicle's owner and display his immaturity. I don't get it. ((It's called standing out. Being unique. It's your car, do as you wish.))

Cosmetic alterations are one thing, but mechanical/modification changes are quite another.

BTW, I never claimed that "rod knocking" (which is unproven) was related to the alterations to this vehicle.
Just sayin :)
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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