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Need help A.S.A.P

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Hey, ii drive my koup alot daily... i also push it alot daily, stupid i know, but its sooo fun. Recently when i opened up my hood i can hear a little knocking noise in the engine. Im not the best mechanic so i checked my oil, its a little low but idk if that has anything to do with it. I Cut off the muffler btw, would that void my engine warranty? Need help asap
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Wow... some people like to hear the sound of their engines... id rather drive the ugliest fastest car than the prettiest slow car, that being said muffler/exhaust modifications are when done correctly designed to let the engine expel exhauste more efficiently, and the only downside is more volume, which for most who would do this is another plus
Car makers have to make their vehicles pleasing to a wide variety of people, a quiet exhaust appeals to the majority of the elderly, most women, and others that would find exhaust volume intolerable, however alot of men, women, and young people in general enjoy hearing the engine of their cars, and it is no more annoying than a semi, or Harley etc...

But back on topic, change your oil, and if it is just a low clicking( lifter noise) don't worry about it, if it is knocking or you're still real worried than if you can find someone nice enough in you area with the same make and model you could bolt on their stock muffler ( if you cut yours behind the connection) and switch your intake to stock and take it in to the dealer have it looked at and not worry about the slightest possibility of warranty denial.

Personally I don't see how anything behind the o2 sensor could cause engine problems...even then I would think the car would throw a cel before something like rod knocking would happen Maybe how hard you drive it is something actually worth looking at.
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So you spent all this time and money on your undercar lights, but then went and cut off your exhaust. Hmmm smart idea-0 bad idea-2.
first off, it does add 10 hp, my third gear could only get me to 80, now getting me to 90. second, it really isnt that loud, i have driven by cops, at red lights near them, and they dont give a f. Third, the lights were 125, and i installed them myself. Exhaust would have been 600, and more for someone to install them. It costs 20 to weld it back on, i just dont want to.
horsepower gains is not related to speed in which your car can hit in third gear, with your logic you are saying your car has only 90 hp? Where is this logic coming from?
2nd gear got me to 50, now 60. Third gear got me to 80, now 90. 4th gear got me to 100 now 110. ect. Get it now?
your transmission gearing has nothing to do with horsepower, does your reverse gear go 10mph faster? Please post something that proves your logic, I think all of us would like to see that.
if you want i can take a video tonight of how fast it can go, but i'm not going to put the stock muffler back on to compare. and why do you have to come into the thread being a dick head? Logic? sorry im not ase certified.
I think you are missing the point, but that is fine. I have been on this forum long enough to see how these things end. Good luck to you. You warranty will only be affected by the parts you modify, dealer would have to prove your "mods" are the root or part of the issues you are claiming to the dealer.
Thats all i wanted to know.
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