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The Tire Guys put snows on the car. I noticed when I got home one of the "cheapest-in-the-world" aluminum stems was banged up pretty good. Valve still works but threads are damaged.

Look on the KiaTechInfo site and it clearly shows how to remove the TPMS sensor....remove the stem..... and replace it.

Call Kia Parts guy.....He says there's no part no. for the stem...need to replace the whole [email protected] $76.00.

I am ready to press the Tire place for the part.....but am I right...??? Why in the name of God can't you just replace the stem...???? It seems to be designed that way......and there is a procedure for it in on the tech site...???

New rule: Watch your stems guyz.....they're chinsy as crap and the tire guys don't really give a sh*t when they're banging the rims around...!!!!:mad:
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